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All weather anchorages

AKRATA (Small town) ACHAIA

Akrata harbour (38,10,5 B - 22,19,1 A)

Yacht harbour

Loutraki harbour


Agia Galini anchorage

Location: 35*05'.7 24*4;.4 (light on SW harbour wall) (28320) 91206 VHF Ch 12,14,16
The seaside resort is west of the centre of the bay of Mesara, in the south of Crete. The village and harbour are easily identified as the hotels and houses of the village are built on the hills of the gorge. The harbour is in front of the village.

Facilities: The new harbour provides good shelter in all weather conditions with stern-to, bow-to and alongside moorings. There is a light on the SW corner of the harbour wall. In the winter ther are very strong winds that limit use of the harbour.

Comments: The village has good shopping for provisions and fuel may be purchased. There are also many hotels and tavernas. There are Harbour Police and Customs authorities. There is also a doctor, dentist, and pharmacy. Post and international telephone services are available. There is a ramp in the harbour for small boats.

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Temporary anchorage is possible anywhere at Agia Marina bay because even in summer the swell that the etesian winds (North summer winds) cause is disturbing.

Protection from N winds

Agios Ioannis Cove

It is at the NE part of Naoussa Bay. Protection from all the weather conditions


Agios Stefanos Bay

Protection from W till E winds.

All but W - NW winds.


Safe from all but W winds. Under the mole safe from all winds.

Fanari creek

To the NE of cape Apolytares. Open to the E. Protection from W winds for small crafts.

Potamos bay (35,53,3 N - 23,17,6 E)

Open to the N. Protection from all but N winds stronger than 7b. Safe from W to NW.

All but SE winds.


Egio Bay

All but NW - NE winds.

All but W winds.



  Between the island of Spinalonga and the shoreline of Crete is Elounda Bay. The bay gives complete protection from bad weather and many small boats are anchored off the coast of eastern Crete.

Georgioupoli anchorage

Location: 35*22' 24*16'
Georgioupolis is a small village at the mouth of the Almiros River. It is east of the bay of Souda before Rethimnon. During the approach, a small church on an islet east of the mouth of the river is clearly seen. The islet is connected by a causeway to the mainland.

Facilities: The village of Georgioupolis can provide most provisions especially during the tourist season (April - October). There will also be a station for mailing and a telephone office with international facilities. There is also a Health Centre in Vamos (10km) and a pharmacy in Georgioupolis. Full health services are in Chania 30 minutes away. Fuel can be arranged with some difficulty and no repairs can be done there.

Comments: There is a shoal and underwater rocks in the bay. The quay is on the east side of the river, the deepest side. Mooring is alongside on the quay or anchorage in the small bay west of the river. Protection is good except in strong north or northwest winds. There are no lights at night.

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Location: The anchorage point of Gramvousa is behind the island of Gramvousa at the end of the peninsula of Gramvousa on the northwest side of Crete. The second island north is Agria (Wild) Gramvousa. There is a Venetian castle on the island above the sheer west face of Gramvousa Island and a small cove on the south where there is a wrecked freighter hull.

Facilities: There is a pier on the south side of the island and well-water near the small church. There are no other facilities.

Comments: In the small cove there is a safe anchorage point from NW and NE winds. The quay has bows to mooring if done with care - there are some rocks in the area. In south winds anchor opposite in the bay formed by the small isthmus on the mainland. Care must be taken when entering the area as there are submerged rocks on the west entrance, in front of the fort.

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Ierapetra anchorage

Location: 35*00'.3 24*44'.4 (light on the SE harbour wall) (28420) 22294 VHF Ch12
The town of Ierapetra is southeast, at the narrowest crossing of the island. It is easily seen from the sea and on approach the Venetian castle and clock tower in the harbour become evident. There are 2 buoys at the mouth of the harbour marking submerged rocks. The entrance is between these and the harbour wall.

Facilities: Ierapetra has good shopping for all provisions. Fuel refill can be arranged and water is on the quay. There are post and telephone offices as well as banks. There are Harbour Police and Customs authorities. Ierapetra is not a Port of Entry. There is a General Hospital, private doctors, dentists, and pharmacies. There is a ramp for small boats.

Comments: The harbour has stern-to and bow-to moorings providing good shelter in all weather conditions except strong southerlies. There is a light on the SE harbour wall. Night entry should not be attempted because of the narrow harbour mouth and difficult approach. There are submerged rocks off the entrance.

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Anchorage of Gramvoussa

The sheltered bay between the island of Imeri Gramvousa and the peninsula is a safe anchorage point in bad weather. There are no facilities in this area, however.


  Kali Limenes is the site of an ancient city called Lassea, which was a good harbour city during Greco-Roman times. No excavations have been done here yet. The site is a good anchorage even today. There is a small island just outside the anchorage where oil tankers approach for oil banking. It is reputed that St. Paul landed here on his way to Rome.

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Kapsali Port

Shelter from all winds, with rebound from SE-S winds.


Longitude 23 7 7, Latitude 37 45 5. All-weather protection.


All-weather protection with the boats made fast to the north or to the south of the bay, according to the weather.


Shelter from S to NE winds.



  Lendas is an anchorage for small fishing boats, and has some tavernas and hotels. From Lendas you can visit Koudouma Monastery by boat.



Protection from the NW to NE winds

Milatos anchorage

Location: Milatos is a small village 16km east of Limin Hersonisosu in the bay of Milatos. There are hotels along the coast that are easily seen from the sea. To the east of these, below a large land mass is the harbour. The Paralia Milatos is the beach and tourist area of the village of Milatos. The harbour is to the east of this area in front of the town.

Facilities: In tourist season water, fuel and most provisions are in the area. There are no port authorities. The town has post and international telephone services as well as banks. Health services are in Agios Nikolaos. There are no repair facilities here.

Comments: The alongside mooring in the harbour provides good shelter in all weather except easterlies. There are no lights and the harbour is shallow.

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Nafpaktos Bay

All but SE - SW winds.



Protection from N to SE.


  Below the hill of Kastri there is an area which is protected from the strong winds of this region and which forms a natural anchorage point. There is a pleasant beach in front of the Minoan city of Palaikastro with a view of the hill of Kastri, the anchorage point, and the island.

All but S winds. Inside the port from all winds.


Parikia Port

Protection from all winds


Protection from NW to S winds.

Sitia anchorage

Location: 35 *12'.7 26*06'.5 (light on harbour's outer wall) (28430) 22310 VHF Ch 12,14,19
Sitia is the most eastern harbour in Crete. It is easily seen from the west after you round Akrotiri Vamvakia. The Venetian fort above the harbour is very apparent from the west also. There is a lighthouse on the Akotiri that is very visible during the day. The buildings along the waterfront and of the town are also apparent from the sea.

Facilities: Sitia has good shopping for all provisions. There is water on the quay and fuel refill may be arranged. Minor repairs can be done in Sitia. There are Port Police and Custom Officials but no Immigration as Sitia is not a Port of Entry. Sitia has a General Hospital as well as private doctors, dentists, and pharmacies. There are banks, and telecommunication facilities and post offices with full services. There are also bus connections with Agios Nikolaos, Iraklion and Ierapetra and car rental agencies. The town of Sitia has many hotels and tavernas.

Comments: The stern-to bow-to mooring in the harbour provide good protection from all winds. The harbour entrance is lit by a flashing green light on the right and a flashing red one on the left.

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Protection from N to NE winds, not very firm bottom.


Dapia port

Longitude 23 9 9. Latitude 37 16. All-winds protection.

Valtiza bay

Shelter from all but NW winds. SE winds create a swell at the entrance and a surge inside.



Location: Coming from the east the large Venetian fort on the islet of Spinalonga is easily seen. Once you round the Akrotiri of Agios Ioannis on the west you will also see the fort. The entrance to the lagoon is between the west mainland and the tip of the islet. The town of Elounda is at the end of the lagoon and there is a causeway that joins the mainland to the larger island of Spinalonga.
Facilities: The town of Elounda is a luxury resort area. There is a small fishing harbour but it can be filled with tour boats in season. All provisions may be purchased in the town. Fuel may also be brought to the quay. There are no port authorities here. Unless you are desperate, it is easier to refuel and stock provisions while docked at the new marina facilities in Agios Nikolaos. The lagoon of Spinalonga makes for an interesting and pleasant boat trip.
Comments: Anchorage points are throughout the lagoon. The depths are between 3 and 6 metres. The pier at Elounda is often crowded. There is a light on the end of Akrotiri Agios Ioannis and the village of Plaka and Elounda are lit at night. There can be strong gusts of wind. Around the islet and peninsula of Spinalonga, can be found very good anchorage. Be aware of the prevailing winds and choose the best anchorage.

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This bay is not appropriate for anchorage. To the NE of its entrance there are two rock-islets by the name Strava.



Location: The anchorage point of Vai is near the palm forest of Vai on the east coast of Crete in the bay of Grandes. It is in the northern part of the bay. The forest is evident from far and there is a small islet in the north of the small cove. There is also a sandy beach.
Facilities: There are tavernas with telephones on the beach but no other facilities.
Comments: Vai is an anchorage point only for calm weather.

This text is cited Oct 2002 from the Crete TOURnet URL below, which contains image.


Protection from all but NE winds.

Kato Zakros

Location: Kato Zakros is a sandy bay and anchorage point on the southeast end of Crete.
Facilities: There are three tavernas on the beach with a few rooms to rent. There is a telephone but no other facilities. There is a bus to Apano Zakros (the village above) in the summer where there is provision shopping.
Comments: Kato Zakros is an anchorage point for use in calm weather. There are rocks around the shore and in the middle of the bay, seaward.

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Bay boundaries

Domvreni Bay

To the W the cape Tsarla (38,11,4 B - 22,58,2 A), to the E cape Petritis (38,10,9,B - 23,1,7 A), to the NW the cape Trapeza (38,12,1 B -22,57,7 A) and the cape Agios Ioannis (38,14,9 B - 22,57,6 A).

Agios Ioannis Bay

To the SE the cape Placa (38,12,7 B - 22,53,2 A), to the SW the cape Agios Ioannis (38,14,9 B - 22,57,6 A).


To the East the cape Gyftissa or Elice (38,16,9 B - 22,6,8 A) and the mouth of the River Meganitas to the West (38,16,5 - 22,4,5 A).

Corinth Bay

To the SW the part ( 38 N – 22,41,4 E) of the coastline, 1,7 miles to the SE of the jetty of the Kiato Harbour and to the NW the Cape Malagravi or Ireon (38,1,8 N – 22,51 E). It is open to the NW, with entrance opening 4 miles and penetration 8 miles.


To the W the cape Panagia (38,10,3 B - 23,4,4 A) and to the E the cape Pounda (38,9,9 B - -23,7,6), with entrance opening 2,6 miles and penetration to the N 2,5 miles.

To the SW the cape Tsourio (38,12,5 B - 22,52,9 A).

Bays in the bay

Agrili Creek

It is at the northern coastline (38,5 N - 22,55,6 E), it is open to the SW and has great depths. There is good temporary protection from northern winds to the S of the Vouliagmeni Lake.

Bays of the gulf

Northern coastline

Domvrenis and Livadostrou, they are mentioned separately.

Eastern coastline

Germenou and Psathas, they are mentioned separately.

Creeks in the bay

Plaka Bay

It is exactly to the E of the cape Plaka and of the Agios Ioannis Bay, it is open to the S with great depths in its interior.

Agios Nicolaos & Alyki Bays.

In the Domvreni Bay there are the Agios Nicolaos and the Alyki Bays.

Vathi Noussas Bay

To the NW of the Domvrena Bay there is the Vathi Noussas Bay with borders and entrance (0,4 miles opening) the NW borders of the Domvrena Bay and penetration 1,7 miles. At the N part of the inlet of the Vathi Noussas Bay there are port facilities for bauxite and aluminium loading.


Agios Vassilios and Kalamaki, both of which are mentioned independently.

Creeks of the gulf

Megali Agyia

It is at the NW part of the gulf, it is open to the S and its deepest recess is to the N (38,14,1 N - 22,47,6 E).


It is at the NW part of the gulf, it is open to SE and its deepest recess is to the NW (38,14,2 N - 22,48,4 E). Its western entrance border is the Cape Vourlia (38,13,7 N - 22,48,6 E).


It is at the northern coast of the gulf and is defined to the SW by the Cape Tabourlo (38,11,1 N - 22,53,5 E). It is open to the S and its deepest recess is to the N (38,10,8 N – 22,54,9 E). There are installations of fish culture. To the SW of its entrance , to the S (0,2 miles) of the Cape Tabourlo there is the Rock Tabourlo.

Mikri Velanidia or Mikri Agyia

It is at the NW end of the gulf, to the SW it is defined by the Cape Velanidia. It is open to the S and its deepest recess is to the N (38,14,8 N – 22,46,1 E). There are fish-cultivation installations and some houses at its eastern coast.

Southern coastline

Lakazeza and Strava are mentioned separately.

Southern coastline

Apart from those mentioned separately, there are also these bays from W to E: Megalis Mylokopis (38,3,3 N- 22,54,5 E), Mikris Mylokopis (38,3,8 N - 55,0,0 E), Skalosias (38,4,1 N - 22,56,3 E), Mikris Strava (38,4,4 N - 22,58,8 E), Schinos (38,33 N - 23,3,9 E).

Exceptional anchorages


Floating vehicles

Private crafts for every service.

Gulf boundaries

To the N-NW the Cape Velanidia (38,14,7 N - 22,45,7 E) and to the S-SE the Cape Melagavi or Ireon (38,1,8 N - 22,51,0 E).







The straight of Antikythira

It is shaped with the cape Apolytares (35,49,5 N, 23,19,6, E), at the S end of the island and the islet Agria Gramvoussa that is 15,8 miles to the SE, near Crete, to which it belongs.

Port supply

From Kaparelli, a small market town. At the port there is a fish tavern.

Water from a spring, food, filling station.


On the beach there is a public pump, a tavern and a food-market. For fuel and for more things you have to visit the small town Dovrena.

Water, food, fuels

In small quantities.

From the small town Domvrena.


Water from the wharf and plenty of food. Fuel with a tank-truck of a gas station.


Water, food and fuel from markets with a tank-track, in any quantity.

Water and some food from the village. There is a tavern. For more things and for fuel one has to go to Prodromos and/or Domvrena.

Rock islets of the bay


It is to the SW of the W border of Domvrena Bay, 0,5 miles from the W coast of the cape Tsarla with length 1,2 miles from WSW (38,10,5 B - -22,56,8 A) to ENE (38,10,9 B - 22,58,2 A) and height 146 metres.

Groboloura or Strogylo or Falakro

It is to the SW of the Domvrena Bay, 0,6 miles to the SE of the cape Tsarla, of round shape with diameter 0,4 miles and heigt (38,11 B - 22,54,2 A) 164 metres.

Diporto or Diaporta or Makronissi

It is to the S of the Domvrena Bay, has length 1,1 miles from W(38,11 B - 22,59,4 A) to E(38,10,9 B - 23,0,9 A) and heigt 146 metres.


It is 0,9 miles SE of the cape Plaka and 1,5 miles W of the port of Agios Nikolaos, with heigt (38,12,4 B - 22,59,4 A).

Supply ports

Corinth harbour & yacth harbour

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