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All but W - NW winds.


Safe from all but W winds. Under the mole safe from all winds.

All but SE winds.

All but S winds. Inside the port from all winds.

Bay boundaries

Domvreni Bay

To the W the cape Tsarla (38,11,4 B - 22,58,2 A), to the E cape Petritis (38,10,9,B - 23,1,7 A), to the NW the cape Trapeza (38,12,1 B -22,57,7 A) and the cape Agios Ioannis (38,14,9 B - 22,57,6 A).

Agios Ioannis Bay

To the SE the cape Placa (38,12,7 B - 22,53,2 A), to the SW the cape Agios Ioannis (38,14,9 B - 22,57,6 A).


To the W the cape Panagia (38,10,3 B - 23,4,4 A) and to the E the cape Pounda (38,9,9 B - -23,7,6), with entrance opening 2,6 miles and penetration to the N 2,5 miles.

To the SW the cape Tsourio (38,12,5 B - 22,52,9 A).

Creeks in the bay

Plaka Bay

It is exactly to the E of the cape Plaka and of the Agios Ioannis Bay, it is open to the S with great depths in its interior.

Agios Nicolaos & Alyki Bays.

In the Domvreni Bay there are the Agios Nicolaos and the Alyki Bays.

Vathi Noussas Bay

To the NW of the Domvrena Bay there is the Vathi Noussas Bay with borders and entrance (0,4 miles opening) the NW borders of the Domvrena Bay and penetration 1,7 miles. At the N part of the inlet of the Vathi Noussas Bay there are port facilities for bauxite and aluminium loading.


Agios Vassilios and Kalamaki, both of which are mentioned independently.

Port supply

From Kaparelli, a small market town. At the port there is a fish tavern.


On the beach there is a public pump, a tavern and a food-market. For fuel and for more things you have to visit the small town Dovrena.

From the small town Domvrena.

Water and some food from the village. There is a tavern. For more things and for fuel one has to go to Prodromos and/or Domvrena.

Rock islets of the bay


It is to the SW of the W border of Domvrena Bay, 0,5 miles from the W coast of the cape Tsarla with length 1,2 miles from WSW (38,10,5 B - -22,56,8 A) to ENE (38,10,9 B - 22,58,2 A) and height 146 metres.

Groboloura or Strogylo or Falakro

It is to the SW of the Domvrena Bay, 0,6 miles to the SE of the cape Tsarla, of round shape with diameter 0,4 miles and heigt (38,11 B - 22,54,2 A) 164 metres.

Diporto or Diaporta or Makronissi

It is to the S of the Domvrena Bay, has length 1,1 miles from W(38,11 B - 22,59,4 A) to E(38,10,9 B - 23,0,9 A) and heigt 146 metres.


It is 0,9 miles SE of the cape Plaka and 1,5 miles W of the port of Agios Nikolaos, with heigt (38,12,4 B - 22,59,4 A).

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