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Πληροφορίες τοπωνυμίου

Εμφανίζονται 3 τίτλοι με αναζήτηση: Πληροφορίες για τον τόπο  στην ευρύτερη περιοχή: "ΟΘΡΥΣ Οροσειρά ΣΤΕΡΕΑ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ" .

Πληροφορίες για τον τόπο (3)

Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)


  Othrys (he Othrus), a lofty chain of mountains, which shuts in the plain of Thessaly from the south. It branches off from Mount Tymphrestus, a summit in the range of Pindus, and runs nearly due east through Phthiotis to the sea coast, thus separating the waters which flow into the Peneius from those of the Spercheius. (Strab. ix. pp. 432, 433; comp. Herod. vii. 129; Plin. iv. 8. s. 15.) On its northern side, many offshoots extend into the plain of Pharsalus. It is lofty and covered with wood, whence the poets give it the epithet of nivalis (Virg. Aen. vii. 675) and nenierosus (Lucan vi.337). It is now usually called Gura, from a large village of this name upon its sides; but its highest summit, which lies to the east of this village, is named Jeracovouni, and is 5669 feet above the level of the sea. The subsoil of the whole range is a limestone of various and highly-inclined strata occasionally mixed with iron ore, amyanthe and asbestos. (Leake, Northern Greece, vol. ii. p. 17, vol. iv. p. 330, seq.; Journal of Geogr. Society, vol. vii. p. 92.)

This text is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited August 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities


(Othrus). A lofty range of mountains in the south of Thessaly, extending from Mount Tymphrestus, or the most southerly part of Pindus, to the eastern coast. It shut in the great Thessalian plain on the south.


Δ & ΝΔ χωρίζεται από τον Τυμφρηστό με τον Σπερχειό ποταμό, Ν η κοιλάδα του Σπερχειού ή κάμπος της Λαμίας.

Έχετε τη δυνατότητα να δείτε περισσότερες πληροφορίες για γειτονικές ή/και ευρύτερες περιοχές επιλέγοντας μία από τις παρακάτω κατηγορίες και πατώντας το "περισσότερα":

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