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Πληροφορίες τοπωνυμίου

Εμφανίζονται 2 τίτλοι με αναζήτηση: Πληροφορίες για τον τόπο για το τοπωνύμιο: "ΤΑΡΦΗ Αρχαία πόλη ΛΟΚΡΙΔΑ".

Πληροφορίες για τον τόπο (2)

Αρχαίες πόλεις μη εντοπισμένες


Ο Ραγκαβής δέχεται ότι Φαρύγαι ήταν μάλλον η Ναρύκη. Η Τάρφη ήταν προς το όρος Κνήδη.

Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)


  Eth. Tarphaios. A town of the Locri Epicnemidii, mentioned by Homer (Il. ii. 533). It was situated upon a height in a fertile and woody country, and was said to have derived its name from the thickets in which it stood. In the time of Strabo it had changed its name into that of Pharygae (Pharugai), and was said to have received a colony from Argos. It contained a temple of Hera Pharygaea. It is probably the modern Pundonitza.

This text is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited June 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

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