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Lefka Ori

  These mountains have many gorges and canyons for the nature enthusiast.
Sfakia has the highest peaks of the White Mountains: Pahnes (2450m), Kastro (2218m), and Troharis (2409m). This wild terrain is one of the most impressive in Crete.
The views of the White Mountains from Apokoronas are especially interesting during the winter and spring when they are completely covered by snow. They are truly the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) then. The ravines and gorges through Samaria, Aradena, Imbros, and Kalikratis are excellent hiking opportunities. The mountain hike to the refuge and plateau at Niatos 1500 metres above Askifou may interest the visitor or the refuge above Omalos at Kalergis. The White Mountains have more than 40 peaks above 2000 metres, offering very good hiking.
From the plateau of Anopolis one has an exceptional view of the south side of the Lefka Ori. Climbs of the highest peaks of the Lefka Ori, at 2,500 metres, start from here. The view of the mountains is particularly impressive in the spring when they are covered in snow. The area is protected from the north winds and it has very mild weather all winter. This area of the Lefka Ori is also famous for its rare wild flowers that can be seen in the spring.

This text is cited Nov 2002 from the Crete TOURnet URL below, which contains images.

Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)

Leuci Montes

  Leuci Montes or Albi Montes (ta Leuka ore, Strab. x. p. 479; Ptol. iii. 17. § 9), the snow-clad summits which form the W. part of the mountain range of Crete. Strabo (l. c.) asserts that the highest points are not inferior in elevation to Taygetus, and that the extent of the range is 300 stadia. (Comp. Theophrast. H. P. iii. 11, iv. 1; Plin. xvi. 33; Callim. Hymn. Dian. 40.) The bold and beautiful outline of the White Mountains is still called by its ancient title in modern Greek, ta aspra bouna, or, from the inhabitants, ta Sphakiana bouna. Crete is the only part of Greece in which the word ore is still in common use, denoting the loftier parts of any high mountains. Trees grow on all these rocky mountains, except on quite the extreme summits. The commonest tree is the prinos or ilex. (Pashley, Trav. vol. i. p. 31, vol. ii. p. 190; Hock, Kreta, vol. i. p. 19.)

This text is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited August 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

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