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Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)

Acherousia lake

Acherusia Palus (Acherousia limne), the name of several lakes, which, like the various rivers of the name of Acheron, were at some time believed to be connected with the lower world, until at last the Acherusia came to be considered in the lower world itself. The most important of these was the lake in Thesprotia, through which the Acheron flowed. There was a small lake of this name near Hermione in Argolis. (Paus. ii. 35. § 10.)

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Acheroussia Lake

  In the ancient years the river Acheron formed (at the lowest point of the plain located among Kanalaki, Kastri and the Nekromanteio) a lake called Acherousia. The run-over water of the lake formed once again the river Acheron (at the western shores of it). The rivers Kokytos and Vouvos (in the ancient years called Pyripfleghethon) emptied into Acheron, and then all together emptied into the bay of Ammoudia, as they do today. Draining works were performed in the lake Acherousia, of which the largest part is today the fertile plain of the area.
  The lake Acherousia is mentioned by Thucydides during the stop of the fleet of the Corinthians and their allies, the day before the naval battle of Syvota (433 BC). Age-old popular beliefs, of which the origins are lost far in prehistory, were related with the opinion that lakes and rivers, which often disappear in the ground and then appear again in a mysterious way, were the road leading to the Netherworlds; this was the road followed by the souls of the dead. The correlation of Acheron and Acherousia with the dead, as well as the establishment of the Nekromanteio (Oracle of the Dead) on a cave of a hill near the junction of the two rivers (Kokytos and Acheron), are all due to these beliefs.

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