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The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites


  An Argive border citadel S of the modern village of Achladokampos on the road between Lerna and Tripolis. The town was destroyed by the Lakedaimonians in 417 B.C.; following the defeat, the Argive dead were buried at Kenchreai. The ruins of Hysiai were seen by Pausanias and the walls were described by Curtius as polygonal on ashlar foundations, and flanked by round towers.

M. H. Mc Allister, ed.
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Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)


  Husiai, Husia, Eth. Husiates. A town in the Argeia, on the road from Argos to Tegea, and at the foot of Mt. Parthenium. (Paus. ii. 24. § 7, viii. 6. § 4, 54. § 7; Strab. viii. p. 376.) It appears to have been destroyed by the Argives, along with Tiryns, Mycenae, and the other towns in the Argeia, after the Persian wars (Paus. viii. 27. § 1); but it was afterwards restored, and was occupied by the Argives in the Peloponnesian War as a frontier-fortress, till it was taken and destroyed a second time by the Lacedaemonians in B.C. 417. (Thuc. v. 83; Diod. xii. 81.) The defeat of the Lacedaemonians by the Argives, near Hysiae, of which Pausanias (ii. 24. § 7) speaks, is placed in B.C. 669. The ruins of Hysiae stand on an isolated hill above the plain of Achladokampos (Achladokampos, from achras, achlas, a wild pear-tree, and kampos, a plain). They consist of the remains of the acropolis, which escaped the notice of Leake.

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