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It is the historical continuity of ancient Plotinoupoli, it’s a city that was built from Traegnus (100 BC) on the area where a unknown Hellenic city used to exist, we came to this conclusion after the finding of classic Hellenic ceramic artifacts from the 5th BC century and mosaic floors that are presenting Lyda and the achievements of Hercules.The Bulgarians are destroying the town in the year 1206 and later it is used from the Frank conquerors. The emperor Ioannis Katakouzinos the 6th was crowned here in Didimoteicho he also was the first emperor who brought Ottoman mercenaries to Thrace to fight against Ioanni Palaiologo the 5th and his mother. It is here in Didimoteicho where the ending of the universal Hellenic culture starts, while its post- historical existence rises, the time of pain and sadness the time of the pogrom and the mass kidnapping of children, of the rapping’s and slaughtering, of the islamization and of the neo-martyrs. Here is the place where in the year 1520 the saint martyr Iakovos and his students the monks Iakovos and Dionisios were killed.

Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)


  Didymoteichos (Didumoteichos), a Thracian town opposite to Plotinopolis, situated not far from the point where the Eurus empties itself into the Hebrus, on an island of the former. It is now called Demotica. (Nicet. Chr. p. 404.)

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