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The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites


  On the borders of Apulia and Samnium, the city was originally Samnite and was colonized by the Romans in 291 B.C. Here the consul Terentius Varro and the survivors of Cannae sought refuge after their defeat by Hannibal (216 B.C.). The area of the excavations includes a bath complex of the Hadrianic period, the amphitheater, the Early Christian baptistery and the Romanesque Basilica of the Holy Trinity in the walls of which are incorporated numerous ancient gravestones with family portraits in the Roman Republican manner.

R. R. Holloway, ed.
This text is from: The Princeton encyclopedia of classical sites, Princeton University Press 1976. Cited Nov 2002 from Perseus Project URL below, which contains bibliography & interesting hyperlinks.

Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities


Now Venosa; an ancient town of Apulia, south of the river Aufidus, and near Mount Vultur, situated in a romantic country, and memorable as the birthplace of the poet Horace. See Horatius.

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