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  Agriculture is very extensive in Koutsopodi and the other villages. Some wheat , barley , oats and a lot of vegetables are raised. The main product of the region is oranges , appricots , olive oil and grapes , especially currants and wine. The fertile soil ,the mechanisation and the hard working inhabitants resulted in a very high standard of living in the area. Most farmers have enter into partnership and the result of this was the correct facing of a lot of hardships and problems such as irrigation antifreezing protection ,new and better methods of farming etc. Stock raising is limited only on the mountainous areas of Koutsopodi municipality. There has recently been an interest in the cultivation of flowers and at present there is a greenhouse unit in the area raising roses.
   The morphology of the soil and the geographical place of the mountainous municipality are good factors to the development of agro-tourism in the area . That would be the ideal solution against urbanism which consists a big problem for those areas. Bio - agriculture, that is the method of farming without using fertilizers and pesticides ,has already appeared in the municipality and about 13 farmers cultivate an area of 709.50 acres of olive trees , vineyards ,and orange trees. The development of the method seems to be increasing in the near future , as it seems to be the ideal alternative to the local agricultural development.

This text is cited Oct 2002 from the Municipality of Koutsopodion URL below, which contains images.

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  The manufactured products of the area consist mainly of the olive oil , canned fruit ,wine and the processing of oranges for export. There are also a lot of manufacturing units producing equipment for irrigation systems (drilling machines ,pipes etc) a lot of carpenter shops, cheese - making industries etc. All of these offer a solution to the unemployment of the young people and the economic development in general. The new municipality of Koutsopodi seems to be an area with a very good standard of living , economic development and very good future prospects of further development in general.

This text is cited Oct 2002 from the Municipality of Koutsopodion URL below, which contains images.

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