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Parian Chronicle (Marble)

alt. Marmor Parium
   A marble stele originally 2 m., 63.5 cm. wide and 12.7 to 15.24 cm. thick erected in Paros during the third century B.C. This inscription contained a chronicle of major events over a period of 1,318 years, beginning in legendary times (the earliest recorded event is the kingship of Kekrops at Athens in 1581/80 B.C.). The chronicle continued down to 264/3, but the latest event recorded on surviving segments is 299/8. The author of this chronicle is no longer known and the sources which he used are uncertain.
  The events listed illustrate a broad view of human history, in which literary or religious events are as memorable as military or political affairs. The entry for the battle of Marathon (490) briefly identifies the date of the battle, the Persian generals Artaphernes and Datis, and Phainipppos as the person who was archon at Athens that year. Immediately following, it adds that in this battle the poet Aeschylus took place at the age of thirty five. The next entry which covers the year 489/88 gives gives equal emphasis to the victory at Athens of the poet Simonides and the death of the Persian Emperor Dareios.
Gregory Crane

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