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Πληροφορίες τοπωνυμίου

Εμφανίζονται 4 τίτλοι με αναζήτηση: Μνημεία που αναφέρονται από αρχαίους για το τοπωνύμιο: "ΜΑΓΝΗΣΙΑ ΕΠΙ ΜΑΙΑΝΔΡΩ Αρχαία πόλη ΤΟΥΡΚΙΑ".

Μνημεία που αναφέρονται από αρχαίους (4)

Αρχαίοι ναοί

Temple of Artemis Leucophryene

In Magnesia is the temple of Artemis Leucophryene, which in the size of its shrine and in the number of its votive offerings is inferior to the temple at Ephesus, but in the harmony and skill shown in the structure of the sacred enclosure is far superior to it. And in size it surpasses all the sacred enclosures in Asia except two, that at Ephesus and that at Didymi.

Temple of Zeus



Αρχαία μαντεία

Oracle of Apolo at Hybla

Oracle at Hybla, near Magnesia (cf. Athen. xv. § 13). Possibly the true name of this oracle is Hylae (Pausan. x. 32, § 6). It seems from its situation to be the same as that of Hiera Kome, mentioned in Liv. xxxviii. 13.

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