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Monuments reported by ancient authors (8)

Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuaries of Demeter, Asclepius and Eileithyia

The most celebrated sanctuaries of the Cleitorians are those of Demeter, Asclepius and, thirdly, Eileithyia . . . to be, and gave no number for them.

Sanctuary of the Great Gods (the Dioscuri)

Cleitor has also, at a distance of about four stades from the city, a sanctuary of the Dioscuri, under the name of the Great Gods. There are also images of them in bronze.

Sanctuary of Dionysus

KYNETHA (Ancient city) ACHAIA
The most notable things here include a sanctuary of Dionysus, to whom they hold a feast in the winter, at which men smeared with grease take up from a herd of cattle a bull, whichever one the god suggest to them, and carry it to the sanctuary. This is the manner of their sacrifice.

Sanctuary of Artemis Hemerasia

Well, the daughters of Proetus were brought down by Melampus to Lusi, and healed of their madness in a sanctuary of Artemis. Wherefore this Artemis is called Hemerasia (She who soothes) by the Cleitorians.

Sanctuary of Aphrodite Erycine

PSOFIS (Ancient city) ACHAIA
In Psophis there is a sanctuary of Aphrodite surnamed Erycine; I found only ruins of it remaining, but the people said that it was established by the sons of Psophis.

Ancient statues

Statue of Hadrian

KYNETHA (Ancient city) ACHAIA
These Cynaetheans live more than forty stades from . . . and in their marketplace have been made altars of the gods and a statue of the Emperor Hadrian.

Ancient temples

Temple of Athena Coria

There is also built upon a mountain-top, thirty stades away from the city, a temple of Athena Coria will, an image of the goddess (Paus. 8,21,4). According to some inscriptions found the feast Corasia or Coriasia took place at that temple (Ekd. Athinon, Pausaniou Periegissis, vol. 4, p. 258, note of the left column).

Temple of Erymanthus

PSOFIS (Ancient city) ACHAIA
The people of Psophis have also by the side of the Erymanthus a temple and image of Erymanthus.

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