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Monuments reported by ancient authors (6)

Ancient altars

Altar of Hermes Epimelius

KORONIA (Ancient city) VIOTIA
(Paus. 9,34,3).Epimelius (=keeper of flocks).

Altar of the winds

(Paus. 9,34,3).

Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Athena Alalcomenian


Sanctuary of the Muses

With many statues made by the best artists of the ancient times (Paus. 9,29,5 - 9,30,3 & 3,31,1-3).

Sanctuary of Itonian Athena

KORONIA (Ancient city) VIOTIA
Before reaching Coroneia from Alalcomenae we come to the sanctuary of Itonian Athena. It is named after Itonius the son of Amphictyon, and here the Boeotians gather for their general assembly. In the temple are bronze images of Itonian Athena and Zeus; the artist was Agoracritus, pupil and loved one of Pheidias. In my time they dedicated too images of the Graces.

Sanctuary of Hera

With an ancient image, the work of Pythodorus of Thebes; in her hand she carries Sirens. For the story goes that the daughters of Achelous were persuaded by Hera to compete with the Muses in singing. The Muses won, plucked out the Sirens' feathers (so they say) and made crowns for themselves out of them.

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