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Ancient statues

Wooden image of Athena Alea

Another road from the city leads to Therapne, and on this road is a wooden image of Athena Alea.

Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Zeus Wealthy

Before the Eurotas is crossed, a little above the bank is shown a sanctuary of Zeus Wealthy.

Sanctuary of Ares Theritas

   Of all the objects along this road the oldest is a sanctuary of Ares. This is on the left of the road, and the image is said to have been brought from Colchis by the Dioscuri. They surname him Theritas after Thero, who is said to have been the nurse of Ares. Perhaps it was from the Colchians that they heard the name Theritas, since the Greeks know of no Thero, nurse of Ares. My own belief is that the surname Theritas was not given to Ares because of his nurse, but because when a man meets an enemy in battle he must cast aside all gentleness.

Sanctuary of Polydeuces

The fountain Polydeucea and a sanctuary of Polydeuces are on the right of the road to Therapne.


Place near Therapne.

Sanctuary of Poseidon Earth-embracer

Not far from Therapne is what is called Phoebaeum, in which is a temple of the Dioscuri. Here the youths sacrifice to Enyalius. At no great distance from it stands a sanctuary of Poseidon surnamed Earth-embracer.

Ancient temples

Temple of Asclepius Cotyleus

Across the river is a temple of Asclepius Cotyleus (of the Hip-joint); it was made by Heracles, who named Asclepius Cotyleus, because he was cured of the wound in the hip-joint that he received in the former fight with Hippocoon and his sons.

Temple of Menelaus

The name of Therapne is derived from the daughter of Lelex, and in it is a temple of Menelaus; they say that Menelaus and Helen were buried here.


Fountain Messeis

In Therapne I remember seeing the fountain Messeis. Some of the Lacedaemonians, however, have declared that of old the name Messeis was given, not to the fountain at Therapne, but to the one we call Polydeucea.

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