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Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Poseidon

MESSINI (Ancient city) ITHOMI
There are sanctuaries of the gods Poseidon and Aphrodite.

Sanctuary of Aphrodite

There are sanctuaries of the gods Poseidon and Aphrodite.

Hall of the Curetes

Pausanias states that there they made burnt offerings (Paus. 4,31,9).

Sanctuary of Demeter

There is a holy shrine of Demeter at Messene.

Sanctuary of Asclepius

The most numerous statues and the most worth seeing are to be found in the sanctuary of Asclepius. For besides statues of the god and his sons, and besides statues of Apollo, the Muses and Heracles, the city of Thebes is represented and Epaminondas the son of Cleommis, Fortune, and Artemis Bringer of Light. There are paintings of the kings of Messene: before the coming of the Dorian host to Peloponnese, Aphareus and his sons, after the return of the Heracleidae, Cresphontes the Dorian leader, of the inhabitants of Pylos, Nestor, Thrasymedes and Antilochus, singled out from among the sons of Nestor on the score of age and because they took part in the expedition to Troy. There is Leucippus brother of Aphareus, Hilaeira and Phoebe, and with them Arsinoe. Asclepius too is represented, also Machaon and Podaleirius. These pictures were painted by Omphalion.

Sanctuary of Sarapis and Isis

There is also a bronze statue of Aristomenes in the Messenian running-ground. Not far from the theater is a sanctuary of Sarapis and Isis.

Ancient stadiums

The Messenian stadium

There is also a bronze statue of Aristomenes in the Messenian running-ground.

Ancient statues

Carnasian grove

There are statues of the gods Apollo Carneius , also Hermes carrying a ram. Hagne (the holy one) is a title of Kore the daughter of Demeter. Water rises from a spring close to the statue.

Statue of Zeus the Saviour

MESSINI (Ancient city) ITHOMI
The Messenians possess a statue of Zeus the Saviour in the market-place.

Statue of the Mother of the Gods

There are sanctuaries of the gods Poseidon and Aphrodite, and, what is most deserving of mention, a statue of the Mother of the Gods, of Parian marble, the work of Damophon, the artist who repaired the Zeus at Olympia with extreme accuracy when the ivory parted.

Statue of Artemis Lafria

Surname of Artemis at Calydon and Patrae, festival of Artemis, image of L. at Messene.

Statue of the Dioscouri

There is a holy shrine of Demeter at Messene and statues of the Dioscuri, carrying the daughters of Leucippus. I have already explained in an earlier passage that the Messenians argue that the sons of Tyndareus belong to them rather than to the Lacedaemonians.

Ancient temples

Temple of Eileithyia

The Messenians have a temple erected to Eileithyia with a stone statue.

Temple of Messene

There is also a temple of Messene the daughter of Triopas with a statue of gold and Parian marble.

Ancient tombs

Aristomenes' tomb

There is also the tomb of Aristomenes here (at the Hierothesion). They say that it is not a cenotaph, but when I asked whence and in what manner they recovered the bones of Aristomenes, they said that they sent to Rhodes for them, and that it was the god of Delphi who ordered it.



The place called Hierothesion by the Messenians contains statues of all the gods whom the Greeks worship, and also a bronze image of Epaminondas. Ancient tripods are dedicated there.The statues in the gymnasium represent Hermes, Heracles and Theseus.

The walls of Messene

Round Messene is a wall, the whole circuit of which is built of stone, with towers and battlements upon it. I have not seen the walls at Babylon or the walls of Memnon at Susa in Persia, nor have I heard the account of any eye-witness; but the walls at Ambrossos in Phocis, at Byzantium and at Rhodes, all of them the most strongly fortified places, are not so strong as the Messenian wall.

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