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Monuments reported by ancient authors (9)

Ancient sacred springs


Dioysias spring

When Cyparissiae is reached from Pylos, there is a spring below the city near the sea, the water of which they say gushed forth for Dionysus when he struck he ground with a thyrsus. For this reason they call the spring Dionysias.

Ancient sanctuaries

Shrine of Apollo

There is a shrine of Apollo in Cyparissiae.

Shrine of Athena Cyparissia

There is a shrine of Apollo in Cyparissiae and of Athena with the title Cyparissia.

PYLOS (Ancient city) MESSINIA

Sanctuary of Athena Coryphasia

The city of Neleus contains a sanctuary of Athena with the title Coryphasia.

Ancient temples

AVLON (Ancient city) TRIFYLIA

Temple of Asclepius Aulonius

In the depression called Aulon there is a temple and statue of Asclepius Aulonius.

Ancient tombs

PYLOS (Ancient city) MESSINIA

The tomb of Nestor

His (Nestor's') tomb is inside the city.

Thrasimides' tomb

The tomb at a little distance from Pylos is said to be the tomb of Thrasymedes.


The house of Nestor

The city of Neleus contains a house called the house of Nestor, in which there is a painting of him.

The stall of Nestor and Neleus

There is a cave inside the town, in which it is said that the cattle belonging to Nestor and to Neleus before him were kept.

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