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Monuments reported by ancient authors (8)

Ancient oracles

Oracle of Apollo Actaeus and Artemis

ADRASTIA (Ancient city) MYSIA
at Adrastaea, in the north of the Troad. (Strabo, xiii. p. 588.)

Oracle of Apollo at Chalcedon

(Dion. Byzapt. Anaplus Bospori, Fragm. 67: cf. C. I. G. 3794).

Oracle of Apollo at Zeleia

ZELIA (Ancient city) TROAS
(Tzetz. ad Lycophr. 315.)

Ancient sanctuaries

Sanctuary of Apollo Smintheus (Sminthium)

CHRYSSI (Ancient city) TURKEY

Ancient statues

The cult image of Apollo Smintheus

In this Chrysa is also the temple of Sminthian Apollo; and the symbol which preserves the etymology of the name, I mean the mouse, lies beneath the foot of his image. These are the works of Scopas of Paros (Strab. 13.1.48).

Ancient temples

Temple of the Cillaean Apollo

KOLONES (Ancient city) TURKEY
Daes of Colonae says that the temple of the Cillaean Apollo was first founded in Colonae by the Aeolians who sailed from Greece; it is also said that a temple of Cillaean Apollo was established at Chrysa, though it is not clear whether he is the same as the Sminthian Apollo or distinct from him.

Perseus Building Catalog

Olympia, Treasury of the Byzantines (4)

Site: Olympia
Type: Treasury
Summary: Small temple-like building; on the north side of the Sanctuary of Zeus (Altis), the 4th treasury from the west on the Treasury Terrace.
Date: ca. 475 B.C.
Period: Early Classical

Cella opening south onto Doric columned pronaos distyle in antis.

This text is cited Nov 2002 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains 2 image(s), bibliography & interesting hyperlinks.


Temenos of Palamedes

The shrine of Palamedes, mentioned by ancient writers as existing at a town called Polymedium, has been discovered by J. T. Clarke on a site hitherto unvisited by any modern traveller, between Assus and Cape Lectum. It Droves to have been a sacred enclosure (femenos) on the acropolis of the town; the statue of Palamedes stood on a rock at the middle of its southern edge. (Encyclopedia Brittanica)

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