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Cyrus River

The Cyrus, which flows through Albania, and the other rivers by which it is supplied, contribute to the excellent qualities of the land; and yet they thrust back the sea, for the silt, being carried forward in great quantities, fills the channel, and consequently even the adjacent isles are joined to the mainland and form shoals that are uneven and difficult to avoid; and their unevenness is made worse by the backwash of the flood tides.
This extract is from: The Geography of Strabo, ed. H. L. Jones, Cambridge. Harvard University Press
Cited Jul 2002 from Perseus Project URL bellow, which contains comments & interesting hyperlinks.

Cambysene Country & Mountain

The pass from Iberia into Albania leads through Cambysene, a waterless and rugged country, to the Alazonius River. Both the people and their dogs are surpassingly fond of hunting, engaging in it not so much because of their skill in it as because of their love for it.

Caspiane territoty

To the country of the Albanians belongs also the territory called Caspiane, which was named after the Caspian tribe, as was also the sea; but the tribe has now disappeared.

Abas River

A river of Albania emptying into the Caspian Sea.

Casus River

a river of Albania, that flows into the Caspian Sea

Cambyses River

A river in Albania, which rises on the Caucasus and empties into the Cyrus, now Jora

Alazon River (Alazonius)

a river in Albania, now Alasan

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