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Tributary of Alpheus.


Tributary of Alpheus

The river Buphagus

Tributary of Alpheus, divides territories of Megapolis and Heraea.

The river Gortynius

River of Arcadia, tributary of Alpheus, also called Lusius.

Brentheates river

Tributary of Alpheus.


Tributary of Alpheus.


Tributary of Alpheus.


River of Arcadia.


Tributary of Alpheus.


Tributary of Alpheus.


Tributary of Alpheus.


River of Arcadia, tributary of Alpheus.


Tributary of Alpheus.


Tributary of Alpheus.


Tributary of Alpheus.


River of Arcadia.

Selinus (Selinos)

River of Elis.

Kladeos (Cladeus)

River at Olympia, tributary of Alpheus, most honoured by Eleans after Alpheus, figure of, altar of.

Leucyanias river

Not far from it is a sanctuary of Dionysus Leucyanites, whereby flows a river Leucyanias. This river too is a tributary of the Alpheius; it descends from Mount Pholoe.





ALIFIRA (Ancient city) ILIA

Tritonis fountain

Fountain at Aliphera.

HERAKLIA (Ancient city) ILIA

Cytherus river

River of Elis.

ILIA (Ancient country) GREECE

Typaeum Mountain

Mountain of Elis.

Piera fountain

Fountain between Olympia and Elis.

Larisus River

River, boundary between Elis and Achaia, battle at.

Bady Water

Perseus Encyclopedia

ILIS (Ancient city) ILIA


Place near Elis, the tomb also of Pyrrhon , son of Pistocrates, a sophist who never brought himself to make a definite admission on any matter. It is said that Petra was a township in ancient times.(Paus. 6.24.5)

LEPREON (Ancient city) ILIA

Arene spring

Spring at Lepreus.

The River Leucyanias

Not far from it is a sanctuary of Dionysus Leucyanites, whereby flows a river Leucyanias. This river too is a tributary of the Alpheius; it descends from Mount Pholoe.


Ladon river

River of Elis, tributary of Peneus.

Ladon. A small river in Elis, rising on the frontiers of Achaia, and falling into the Peneus.

PISSATIS (Ancient area) ILIA

Diagon river

At this ridge which has the same name as the robber, a river, falling into the Alpheius from the south, just opposite the Erymanthus, is the boundary between the land of Pisa and Arcadia; it is called the Diagon.

SAMIKON (Ancient city) ILIA

Anigrus (Anigros: Mavro-potamo, i. e. Black River), a small river in the Triphylian Elis, called Minyeius (Minueios) by Homer (Il. xi. 721), rises in Mt. Lapithas, and before reaching the Ionian sea loses itself near Samicum in pestilential marshes. Its waters had an offensive smell, and its fish were not eatable. This was ascribed to the Centaurs having washed in the water after they had been wounded by the poisoned arrows of Heracles. Near Samicum were caverns sacred to the nymphs Anigrides (Anigrides or Anigriades), where persons with cutaneous diseases were cured by the waters of the river. General Gordon, who visited these caverns in 1835, found in one of them water distilling from the rock, and bringing with it a pure yellow sulphur. The Acidas, which some persons regarded as the Iardanus of Homer, flowed into the Anigrus. (Strab.; Paus. v. 5.3, 7, seq. v. 6.3; Ov. Met. xv. 281; Leake, Morea, vol. i. pp. 54, 66, seq., Peloponnesiaca, pp. 108, 110; Ross, Reisen im Peloponnes, vol. i. p. 105.)

This text is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited October 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

Anigrus or Menius river



Mountain of Arcadia.


Rivers flowing past the district

There flow through the land of Theisoa the following tributaries of the Alpheius, the Mylaon, Nus, Achelous, Celadus, and Naliphus.

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