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Ancient place-names

Triton river

Triton. A river, a small torrent. They call it Triton, because the story is that beside a river Triton Athena was reared.(Paus. 9.33.7)

Termessus or Permessus

River of Mt. Helicon, father of the Nymphe and spring Aganippe.

Lamus river

Mount Libethrius

KORONIA (Ancient city) VIOTIA
Mountain of Boeotia. The Libethrian nymphs and the spring Libethrias there.


Hippocrene spring

They say that the earth sent up the water when the horse Pegasus struck the ground with his hoof (Paus. 2,31,9)

  Hippocrene, (Hippokrene or Hippoukrene, "the fountain of the steed"). The fount of the Muses, which was struck out of Mount Helicon, in Boeotia, by the hoof of the winged steed Pegasus.

Aganippe. A spring on Mount Helicon, near Thespiae in Boeotia, sacred to the Muses, who were called from it Aganippides. Its water was believed to impart poetic inspiration.

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