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  Cercinitis (Kerkinitis limne, Anab. i. 11. ยง 3: Takhyno), the large lake lying at the N. foot of the hill of Amphipolis, which Thucydides (v. 7) accurately describes by the words to limnodes tou Strumonos, as it is, in fact, nothing more than an enlargement of the river Strymon, varying in size according to the season of the year, but never reduced to that of the river only, according to its dimensions above and below the lake. Besides the Strymon, the Augitas contributes to the inundation as well as some other smaller streams from the mountains on either side. The lake Prasias (Prasias), with its amphibious inhabitants who are described by Herodotus (v. 16) as living on the piles and planks procured from Mount Orbelus, with which they constructed their dwellings on the lake, was the same as the Strymonic lake, or Cercinitis. (Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iii. p. 211.)

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