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Ampelus hill

Now in Samos there is a promontory approximately facing Drepanum in Icaria which is called Ampelus, but the entire mountain which makes the whole of the island mountainous is called by the same name. (Strabo 14.1.15)
The town of Samos lay on the south slopes of 'the hill' Ampelus, which is some 700 feet high (H. says 900, c. 60. 1), and which stretched away to the west above the plain; at the south-west extremity lay the Heraeum.

Cantharius promontory

(Strabo 14.1.19)

Imbrasus (or Parthenius) river

Some say that the sanctuary of Hera in Samos was established by those who sailed in the Argo, and that these brought the image from Argos. But the Samians themselves hold that the goddess was born in the island by the side of the river Imbrasus under the withy that even in my time grew in the Heraeum.(Paus. 7.4.4)

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A fountain in the island of Samos

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