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Ancient authors' reports

SPARTI (Ancient city) LACONIA


Place at Sparta.


Place in Sparta.


And there is a place called Platanistas (Plane-tree Grove) from the unbroken ring of tall plane trees growing round it. The place itself, where it is customary for the youths to fight, is surrounded by a moat just like an island in the sea; you enter it by bridges.


Fountain at Sparta.


Place at Sparta.


Street in Sparta, origin of name.

VRYSSES (Ancient city) SPARTI

Taletum, Sanctuary of Helius (the sun)

Peak of Mountain Taygetus, sacred to Sun, SW of Brysae

Ancient place-names

SPARTI (Ancient city) LACONIA


Fountain at Therapne.

Dromos (Running Course)

The Lacedaemonians give the name Running Course to the place where it is the custom for the young men even down to the present day to practise running.


Henry George Liddell. Robert Scott. A Greek-English Lexicon: a pit or underground cavern at Sparta, into which state-prisoners or their corpses were thrown (Th.1.134), (Paus. 4.18.4).


Perseus Project - Charlton T. Lewis, Charles Short: a mountain in Laconia, on the Eurotas, near Sparta, Liv. 34, 28.

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