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The oak in Dodona

DODONI (Ancient city) IOANNINA
If I am to base my calculations on the accounts of the Greeks in fixing the relative ages of such trees as are still preserved and flourish, the oldest of them is the withy growing in the Samian sanctuary of Hera, after which come the oak in Dodona, the olive on the Acropolis and the olive in Delos.

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Sanctuary of Zeus in NW Greece,oracle consulted, story suggesting a connexion between Egypt and Dodona, Hyperborean offerings at Dodona, the sacred oak of, Peleae at, soothsayer of.

The Doves at Dodoni

In hand of Demeter, oracular doves at Dodona, let fly between the Clashing Rocks.

Perseus Project

Oraculum (Manteion), Oracle


The oak in Dodona

Phaedrus (by Plato)
Socrates: They used to say, my friend, that the words of the oak in the holy place of Zeus at Dodona were the first prophetic utterances. The people of that time, not being so wise as you young folks, were content in their simplicity to hear an oak


Oracle - founded by Pelasgi

This oracle, according to Ephorus, was founded by the Pelasgi. And the Pelasgi are called the earliest of all peoples who have held dominion in Greece.


In ancient times, then, Dodona was under the rule of the Thesprotians; and so was Mount Tomarus, or Tmarus (for it is called both ways), at the base of which the temple is situated. And both the tragic poets and Pindar have called Dodona "Thesprotian Dodona." But later on it came under the rule of the Molossi.

The oracle at Dodona

Now as for the Epeirotes, there are fourteen tribes of them, according to Theopompus, but of these the Chaones and the Molossi are the most famous, because of the fact that they once ruled over the whole of the Epeirote country—the Chaones earlier and later the Molossi; and the Molossi grew to still greater power, partly because of the kinship of their kings, who belonged to the family of the Aeacidae, and partly because of the fact that the oracle at Dodona was in their country, an oracle both ancient and renowned.

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