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THESPIES (Ancient city) VIOTIA
In order, then, that this unwillingness may not stand in the way of the weakening of Thebes, let us admit that Thespiae, Orchomenus and Plataea ought to be restored, and let us co-operate with their inhabitants and appeal to the other states, for it is a just and honorable policy not to allow ancient cities to be uprooted; but at the same time let us not abandon Megalopolis and Messene to their oppressors, nor allow the restoration of Plataea and Thespiae to blind us to the destruction of existing and established states.

Thirdly, men of Athens and when I have given just this one further instance, I will at once pass on to some topics that I have omitted—when we ambassadors returned from administering the oaths for the peace,at that time there were some who assured us that Thespiae and Plataea would be rebuilt, that Philip, if he gained the mastery, would protect the Phocians and break up Thebes into villages, and that you would retain Oropus and receive Euboea in exchange for Amphipolis

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ASKRA (Ancient city) VIOTIA
The first to sacrifice on Helicon to the Muses and to call the mountain sacred to the Muses were, they say, Ephialtes and Otus, who also founded Ascra. To this also Hegesinus alludes in his poem Atthis:
And again with Ascra lay Poseidon Earth-shaker,
Who when the year revolved bore him a son
Oeoclus, who first with the children of Aloeus founded
Ascra, which lies at the foot of Helicon, rich in springs.
(Paus. 9.29.1)


Stronghold belonging to Thespiae (Paus. 9.14.2-4).


City of Boeotia, precinct of Poseidon at, Megareus at.


THESPIES (Ancient city) VIOTIA
City of Boeotia, statues of Love by Praxiteles, Lysippus, and Menodorus at, port of, Herakles at, burnt by the Persians, Thespians allies of Thebans, their refusal to submit to Xerxes, their steadfastness at Thermopylae, Sicinnus made a Thespian, Thespians in Pausanias' army.



Onchestus is where the Amphictyonic Council used to convene, in the territory of Haliartus near Lake Copais and the Teneric Plain; it is situated on a height, is bare of trees, and has a sacred Precinct of Poseidon, which is also bare of trees.


THESPIES (Ancient city) VIOTIA
The "Thespiae" of today is by Antimachus spelled "Thespeia"; for there are many names of places which are used in both ways, both in the singular and in the plural, just as there are many which are used both in the masculine and in the feminine, whereas there are others which are used in either one or the other number only. Thespiae is a city near Mt. Helicon, lying somewhat to the south of it; and both it and Helicon are situated on the Crisaean Gulf. It has a seaport Creusa, also called Creusis.(...)

This extract is from: The Geography of Strabo (ed. H. L. Jones, 1924), Cambridge. Harvard University Press. Cited from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains comments & interesting hyperlinks.

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