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A town in Arcadia, varying event of its wars with Sparta, Leutychides' death there, Phidippides' vision near Tegea, Tegeans at Thermopylae, Tegeans' claim to the post of honour in Pausanias' army, (later) victory of Spartans over Tegea and Argos, Tegean valour at Plataea, Cepheus king of, the city defended against enemies by a lock of the Gorgon's hair, Auge debauched by Herakles at, Arsinoe brought by the sons of Phegeus to, sons of Alcmaeon pursued to, founded by Tegeates, called by poets `the lot of Aphidas,', boundaries of its territory, road from Argos to, at war with Lacedaemon, expedition of Lacedaemonians under king Charillus against, battle of, sanctuary of Athena Alea at Tegea inviolate.


Tegea during the Peloponnesean war

At this juncture arrived word from their friends in Tegea that unless they speedily appeared, Tegea would go over from them to the Argives and their allies, if it had not gone over already. Upon this news a force marched out from Lacedaemon, of the Spartans and Helots and all their people, and that instantly and upon a scale never before witnessed. Advancing to Orestheum in Maenalia, they directed the Arcadians in their league to follow close after them to Tegea, and going on themselves as far as Orestheum, from thence sent back the sixth part of the Spartans, consisting of the oldest and youngest men, to guard their homes, and with the rest of their army arrived at Tegea; where their Arcadian allies soon after joined them.

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