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THORNAX (Ancient city) SPARTI

For the Lacedaemonians had sent to Sardis to buy gold, intending to use it for the statue of Apollo which now stands on Thornax in Laconia; and Croesus, when they offered to buy it, made them a free gift of it.

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SPARTI (Ancient city) LACONIA

THERAPNI (Ancient city) SPARTI


╬Łear Sparta, near Sparta, a temple of Helen there, Menelaus and Helen buried at.

THORNAX (Ancient city) SPARTI


A mountain in Laconia, Apollo's temple there, place in Laconia.

VRYSSES (Ancient city) SPARTI


City of Laconia.


AMYKLES (Ancient sanctuary) SPARTI


   According to Ephorus: Eurysthenes and Procles, the Heracleidae, took possession of Laconia, divided the country into six parts, and founded cities; now one of the divisions, Amyclae, they selected and gave to the man who had betrayed Laconia to them and who had persuaded the ruler who was in possession of it to accept their terms and emigrate with the Achaeans to Ionia; Sparta they designated as a royal residence for themselves; to the other divisions they sent kings, and because of the sparsity of the population gave them permission to receive as fellow inhabitants any strangers who wished the privilege; and they used Las as a naval station because of its good harbor, and Aegys as a base of operations against their enemies (for its territory bordered on those of the surrounding peoples) and Pharis as a treasury, because it afforded security against outsiders;

This extract is from: The Geography of Strabo (ed. H. L. Jones, 1924), Cambridge. Harvard University Press. Cited May 2003 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains comments & interesting hyperlinks.

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