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Its part in the Greek settlement at Naucratis, Rhodian colonists in Sicily, Danaus touches at, Tlepolemus flees to, Althaemenes settles in, Orestes driven to, Aristomenes goes to, Colossus of, besieged unsuccessfully by Demetrius, Diagorids of, shaken by earthquake, Helen hanged in, sanctuary of Helen of the Tree in, walls of.


Their muster for the Trojan war, build tomb for Aristomenes, allied with Athenians, pay fine to Olympian Zeus, Rhodians of Lindus dedicate image of Apollo at Delphi, statues of Rhodian athletes, Rhodian poet (Apollonius), stately tomb of a Rhodian.


Rhodes in the Pelopponesean war


For the Liberty of the Rhodians

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