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City of Ionia, founded by Miletus, son of Apollo, formerly called Anactoria, conquered by Ionians, ruined by Histiaeus, in Caria, attacked by Gyges, war with Alyattes, an Ionian town, agreement with Cyrus, port of Borystlienes a Milesian settlement, wealth and dissensions of Miletus, Aristagoras its governor, Milesians defeated by Persians in Ionic revolt, threatened attack of Miletus by Persians, siege, capture, and depopulation of the town, Phrynichus' drama on the subject, Persian fleet off Miletus, story of the Milesian and Glaucus, Miletus' foundation by Neleus, Milesians' desertion of the Persians at Mycale (See Aristagoras, Histiaeus), alluvial plain between Miletus and Priene, island of Lade off, Maeander falls into sea at, altar of Heliconian Zeus at, image of Apollo restored to Milesians by Seleucus.



Ephorus says: Miletus was first founded and fortified above the sea by the Cretans, where the Miletus of olden times is now situated, being settled by Sarpedon, who brought colonists from the Cretan Miletus and named the city after that Miletus, the place formerly being in the possession of the Leleges; but later Neleus and his followers fortified the present city. The present city has four harbors, one of which is large enough for a fleet.

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