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An Ionian town in Lydia, city of Ionia, inhabited by Minyans, Carians, and Ionians, flight of Teians to Thrace, Teos proposed as a meeting-place for Ionians, its share in the Greek settlement at Naucratis, Teian ships in the Ionian fleet, baths at, enclosure and altar of Heliconian Poseidon at.



Teos also is situated on a peninsula; and it has a harbor. Anacreon the melic poet was from Teos; in whose time the Teians abandoned their city and migrated to, Abdera, a Thracian city, being unable to bear the insolence of the Persians; and hence the verse in reference to Abdera. Abdera, beautiful colony of the Teians. But some of them returned again in later times. As I have already said, Apellicon also was a Teian; and Hecataeus the historian was from the same city. And there is also another harbor to the north, thirty stadia distant from the city, called Gerrhaeidae.

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