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LAVRANDA (Ancient sanctuary) TURKEY

Zeus Labradeus

Labradeus. A surname of Zeus at Labranda near Mylassa in Caria. The name was derived, according to Plutarch, from labrus, the Lydian term for a hatchet, which the statue of Zeus held in its hand, and which had been offered up by Arselis of Mylassa from the spoils of Candaules, king of Lydia

PERGAMOS (Ancient city) TURKEY

Kabeiroi (Cabiri)

Legendary people of Boeotia, expelled by Argives, mysteries of C. instituted at Thebes by Methapus, sanctuary, history of rites, wrath of C. implacable, identified with Boy Lords at Amphissa, land of Pergamus sacred to, minor deities worshipped in many places, in Samothrace and Memphis.


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