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Ancients' feasts, games and rituals (3)

Festivals for gods and gods' deeds

Festival of Hera (Lysandreia)

The Samians, too, voted that their festival of Hera should be called Lysandreia. And the poet Choerilus was always kept in his retinue, to adorn his achievements with verse; while with Antilochus, who composed some verses in his honor, he was so pleased that he filled his cap with silver and gave it to him. And when Antimachus of Colophon and a certain Niceratus of Heracleia competed with one another at the Lysandreia in poems celebrating his achievements, he awarded the crown to Niceratus, and Antimachus, in vexation, suppressed his poem.

Tonaia, Tonaea, Tonea

Festival of Hera at Samos


Festival celebrated in Samos, in honour of Eros.

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