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Koutsopodi Community

   Koutsopodi was the capital of the ancient «Mysias» municipality which was founded by King Othonas. The name «Mysias» is also found in Pafsania' s «Korinthiaka», who relates that there is a hamlet by the name Mysias, where there is the temple of the Greek Goddess Dimitra of Mysias. Dimitra was considered to be mother of agriculture.
   On the old site of the ancient temple there is a Christian church nowadays, the church of «Metamorphosis of Sotiras». Nearby there are the ruins of a Byzantine temple ,evidence that show the existence of an ancient hamlet at this region. Vavaroi who were considered to have a great knowledge of the ancient Greek civilization , accepted the Greek tradition and sagas and identified ancient Mysia with Koutsopodi.
   During the survey of 1700, about 75 families seemed to live at Koutsopodi. The survey of 1999 shows that about 2.360 people live there. The inhabitants of Koutsopodi used to grow up a lot of crops as wheat barley, rye, oats, potatoes, tomatoes, a lot of melons and vegetables. They also cultivated vineyards and olive trees. All of these have now been replaced by the cultivation of orange trees, lemon trees and citrous trees in general as well as appricot trees and olive trees. The land is fertile , and the yield per acre is high enough. This makes the inhabitants prosperous and has also attracted a lot of foreign immigrants who consist the labor force of the area. Koutsopodi is developing at a very fast rate into a town.

Maladreni Community

Tel: +30 27510 71378
  Malandreni is built on the top of a high hill. It seems perched up there being surrounded by other green hills and a lot of ravines. At the top of the hill there is the famous church of 'Panagia Myrtithiotisa'. The village is also famous for the good wine and olive oil produced there.Its architecture is a mixture of modern style and this of a century ago.The inhabitants live peacefully up there away from the noise and smog of the big city. They are friendly people and especially hospitable to tourists or foreign people who visit their place. They show their hospitality offering hearty welcome to those who will visit their local fair of 'Maithanasis' on the first of May every year and also during carnival time when they offer a very good time and a lot of good local wine, food and sweets to their visitors.

Schinochori Community

Tel: +30 27510 77277
  Being built on a semi- mountainous land it gazes at the Argolic plain perched on the Bachriami mountain, it offers a panoramic view to its 441 inhabitants and those who visit it. At the top of this mountain there is the famous historic spring 'Arkouthovrsisi'. The church of Agia Marina near this spring, the church of Agios Dimitris in the center of the village, the school and the houses all around offer one the real picture of a traditional Greek village.The villagers, who once were famous cheese makers of the Argolic 'Feta' cheese, nowadays are mostly occupied with the cultivation of their land. The visitor can meet the old watermill, in a very bad condition nowadays, and also the old hamlet 'Helmi' with a lot of ancient ruins. On the wall of an old house the visitor can make out the inscription 'Lysithamos offered'. In the area of 'Makrinari' there are the traces of an ancient track and also an ancient graveyard. Some archaeologist considers this area to be the ancient city of 'Lyrkio'

Vrousti Community

Tel: +30 27510 91600
  When the visitor arrives at Vrousti he feels fascinated by the wild beauty of nature at this mountainous point of Argolida.The hamlet is built at a height of 650 m above the sea level. Its old stone houses are built on a curved terrace through which runs a deeptorrent starting at the point of the central square with the tall plane-tree ,the stone fountain from Turkish times and the old church of Agia Paraskevi. From the 281 inhabitants, very few still live here any more. Most of them live at «Statheika», their old winter quarters, where they found fertile land and mild climate. There they worked hard and the cultivation of appricot trees has made them prosperous and well off.

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