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Berlin 1936

   The 1936 Berlin Olympics was the subject-problem of many discussions among several national Olympic Committees as to whether they should or should not accept Hitler's National Socialistic Government's invitation, a government that did not hide its racistic beliefs.
   Berlin is the place where at first we see the Olympic flame inaugurated, the torch brought to Germany by a series of successive runners from Ancient Olympia - 3000 runners, through seven countries, in ten days.
   All the loud theatrics that could be thought of were used by Hitler's PR team. The team also arranged for Spiros Louis, the Greek marathon gold winner to be there. Louis approached Hitler's box and gave the dictator a branch of wild olive-tree, brought from Olympia. Thousands of doves were released to the sky the instant Adolph's hand held the olive branch, while the famous Richard Strauss conducted the Great Berlin Philharmonic in a triumphal percussion march and while, at the same time, the gigantic Hindemburg airship shadowed, with her huge bulk, the sky above the stadium. And that was the cue for the German Olympic Team to enter the stadium running in front of the 3rd Reich dignitaries with their hands in Nazi salute.
   Other teams followed and most of them gave the Nazi salute. Americans and Britishers, stood and politely... bowed. A gesture that caused a lot of booeing from the crowd.
   The Berlin Olympiad remained known as the Jesse Owens Games. And not unjustly. Owens's performance, the previous years, prognosed a sure winner for, at least, two golds in Berlin. German propaganda rejected this on the grounds that Owens was black and, therefore, inferior to the Arian Race athletes, a theory that was repeatedly appearing in Hitler's Mein Kampf, a book that was part of every German household.
   The first German disappointment came the first day of the 100m and 200m races. First winner: Jesse Owens. Second disappointment was the next day with Owens winning first victory again in the long jump. All this became an anger when Owens led the American 4x100m. relay to a dashing victory. Hitler had, according to rules, to shake hands with a negro. On the pretext of sudden rain, he left the stadium and never returned to watch the rest of the Games...

Text by Dimitri N. Marcopoulos

Berlin 1936

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Berlin 1936

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