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Olympic games (3)

Ancient olympic champions, horse-racing

TEGEA (Ancient city) ARCADIA

Iasius or Iasus

Iasus, an Arcadian, a son of Lycurgus and Cleophile or Eurynome, a brother of Ancaeus and Amphidamas, and the husband of Clymene,the daughter of Minyas, by whom he became the father of Atalante (Apollod. iii. 9.2). Hyginus (Fab. 70, 99) calls him Iasius, and Aelian (V. H. xiii. 1) and Pausanias (v. 7. 4, 14. 5) lasion. At the first Olympian games which Heracles celebrated, Iasus won the prize in the horse-race, and a statue of him stood at Tegea. (Paus. v. 8.1, viii. 4.)

Ancient olympic champions, stadium


Stadium, 308 BC, 118th Olympiad.

Ancient olympic champions, two victories


Boys' stadium, 208 BC, 143rd Olympiad and dolichus, 200 BC, 145th Olympiad.

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