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Palm Grove

  It is perhaps the most frequently visited place in the region. The existence of the grove, already known in the Classical period, was attributed to the Phoenicians who landed here. According to the story, they threw away the seeds of the dates they were eating. Due to repeated fires, the authorities have lately fenced off the whole area and routes to the beach.

Gorges & Ravines


The Gorge of Chochlakies

Fantastic canyon situated 5km away from Palekastro, with about 2,5-3 km length. Its path is a special experience which gonna fill with enthusiasm the nature lovers thanks to its impressive and wild beauty. After a walk of about 1.30 hour the gorge winds up at a virgin and unspoiled beach, ideal for swimming, fishing and resting.

Religious monuments

ITANOS (Ancient city) ITANOS

First Byzantine period bassilica

  Remains of the first Byzantine period include those of a basilica of the fifth century which was probably a converted temple of Athena.

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