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  One of the most important caves internationally, since the archaeological finds indicate that is was inhabited since at least 5300 B.C. It is new Vlihada, to its east, and covers and area of 6,500 sq.m of which 600 sq.m. are land and the remainder the passage of an underground river. It was discovered in 1958 and explored by the Petrohilos couple. The average temperature is 10 C and that of the water 18 C. The archaeological investigation of the cave begun in 1970 under Giorgos Papathanasopoulos. It proved that the cave possessed fresh water springs and had been inhabited in later Neolithic times (400-300 BC) as a shelter, residence, workshop, storeroom,but also as a place of worship and entombing. The findings are many, of a great variety and quality, indicating habitation by a large number of people with commercial, maritime and farming interests. They include stone implements, bone and obsidian, ceramics, weaving tools, jewelry, clay and marble idols and human and animal skeletons. Alepotripa will be open to the public as soon as the research and restoration work is completed. Visitors however can admire the most impressive of the findings at the Neolithic Museum of Diros, at the entry to Alepotripa.

This text is cited Oct 2002 from the Laconian Professionals URL below, which contains images.

Diros Vlychada Cave

  Almost at sea-level, Vlihada is one of the most beautiful lacustrine caves in the world. Its total area is 33,400 sq. m, of which corridors amounting to 5,500 sq.m. have been explored.
  Its existence was known since 1900, but it was first explored in 1950 by Ioannis Petrohilos. Further investigation has brought to light animal fossils dating two million years.
  The temperature in the interior varies between 16 and 20 C, and that of the water is 12 C. Tours are by boat, and in one part by foot. A tour through the lacustrine part (2.5klm) stays indelibly on the mind, as the boat glides between dream-like formations of stalagmites and stalactites and their reflections upon the water; pink and white chambers, hanging fairy-beds, and much, much more…

This text is cited Apr 2003 from the Laconian Professionals URL below, which contains images.


Sychalasmata Tower


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