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Prophet Elias grove

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PYLI (Small town) TRIKALA

  On the Portaikos river, in the height of Pyli, there are, near one another, four bridges of different eras (1514 until 1981) and of different technique (stone arcaded, two from concrete, pendent).
1) The arcaded bridge
  It is found roughly 1 km westwards of Pyli and has been built in 1514 by Agios Vissarionas. This bridge was unique until 1936 that connected the plain with the region of Aspropotamos. It is one-arched 67 m. long, 2, 05 m. wide, 30, 50 greatest height and height of parapets 0,70 m.
2) Kondyli bridge
  The needs of the days led to the manufacture of a new bridge for the car connection of Trikala with the mountainous villages. That is why, 1 km westwards the old arched bridge a new one was manufactured, modern for those days, from concrete. The manufacture began in November 1934 and finished in June 1936. This bridge, which looks like a shuttle, is 45, 30 m. long, 6 m. wide and 22 m. high. On June 9 of 1943 the rebels, in order to impede the mechanically-driven occupied troops, they blew the left winger pedestal. The bridge fell without breaking. Later, it was lifted off and it was restored in its initial place, where it remains until today and serves the communication with the villages of Pindos, but also with Arta.
3) Gikas bridge
  It was manufactured in 1960-61 from armed concrete and serves up to today a lot of villages in root of Kozjakas. It is 170 m. long
4) Pendent Footbridge
  It was manufactured in 1981 to service the residents of the settlement of Panagia, but also the visitors of the homonymous Byzantine church. It is 120 m. long and is supported by two 16 m. high pylons. The suspension of the deck is being done with straight protuberant cables and it is the first bridge in Greece that was manufactured with this technique. It is 2 m. wide and the height from the watercourse of the river is 7 m.

This text is cited Oct 2003 from the Municipality of Pyli URL below, which contains images.

Lethaios bridge

It is the central bridge of Lethaios, a tributary of the Peneus river, which flows through the city of Trikala.


School of Dorotheos

  It is a stone-built building covered with a wooden roof with tiles of the "French" type. It has a plan in the form of the greek letter "Π" and two floors. Its rooms are appropriate for functionning as a School building: five rooms in the ground floor and storage and auxiliary rooms in the basement.
  Elements characterizing its fronts are the big wooden windows with iron bars and stone frames, the double staircase and the impressively decorated main entrance.
  It was built in 1908 with the kind offer of 1500 golden coins given by the benefactor Dorotheos Scholarios. Entire repair of the building took place in 1991.
  The building belongs to the Municipality of Trikala and is functionning as an Exhibition Room.
  In 1991 it was characterized as a preserved historical monument.

This text is cited Sept 2003 from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture URL below, which also contains image.

Castles, fortresses & fortifications

The Castle of Trikala

It was built by Justinian in the place of the ancient acropolis.

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Historical monuments

War Memorial

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The house of Batagianni family (1866)

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George Kondyli's tomb

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The Zoo

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Old watermills


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Cursum Mosque

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Letheos River

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Matsopoulou Park

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Central Park

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The tower of Karathanou family (1866)

Traditional settlements

Varoussi District

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