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Fossilized forests

Fossilised Forest at Nostimo, Kastoria

  Nostimo is situated on the south-west of the region of Kastoria, in a distance of 15km from Argos Orestikon and on an altitude of 900 meters almost.
  Its soil presents mainly the Fossilised Forest, 20 million years old, with tropical and subtropical plants, according to the first findings of the professor of Palaeontology-Palaeobotanology of Athens University, Mr Velitzelos, who undertook its discovery. The main features of the Fossilised Forest are the perfect fossilisation of the tree trunks and the uniqueness of the finding.
  The palms possess an outstanding position as they are the only ones found in continental Greece, a fact that attributes a special importance to the historical evolution of the plants and the climate of the past, not only in the Greek territory but also on an international level.
  All around the village exist also rare sea fossils, such as starfishes, mussels, cockles, snails, shark tooth, etc. There have also been found some animal fossils with special scientific importance, that reverse the hitherto historical data. The fossilised tooth of a huge prehistoric herbivorous animal is very impressive.
  Until the termination of the researches and the studies, the visitors may see the findings of the forests in the Primary School of Nostimo, where there is a temporary exhibition room.
This text (extract) is cited June 2003 from the Prefecture of Kastoria tourist pamphlet.

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