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House & craft in Skyros

  Although Skyros is a historical island, it's also a contemporary island. This is expressed in the Skyrian’s daily life, who has not only managed to adjust the modern way of life to a fervently traditional character, but has also expressed it in the Skyrian house, an ornament house, which displays a miraculous combination of beauty and ingeniousness.
  The Skyrians lived with the fear of pirates and other invaders. For this reason, they were forced to share a very narrow piece of land on the hill. This is how the stone cube was created and clasped the large family called the Skyrians. The arrangement of space is so inventive that there is room for everything: living room, bed room ("sfas"), warehouse, kitchen ("apokrevates") nad fireplace. Even dishes, pans, sauce-pans, jugs, and coffee-pots, are exhibited on the walls. So every single item, or room had to be a sight by itself. This necessity turned everything into a piece of art. Pottery (popular Skyrian dishes), wooden made items (miniature Skyrian furniture), copper works, weaving and embroidery are modern people's inheritance.
  This the inheritance that the Skyrians will deliver to the next generation, after they have added their personal touch. Nature, as well as the other traditional symbols of the Skyrian art like the cock, the ship and the oath have proved to be a good inspiration for the artists. These elaborate geometric designs are so difficult to embroider, that Skyrian women swear they will never do it again, or give the pattern to someone else.
This text (extract) is cited July 2003 from the Municipality of Skyros tourist pamphlet.

Skyrian horse

  Skyros looks like an island of mixed origin, born form the pairing of opposites in the North, the island is green, full of pines and cultivations. The southern part of the island has brownish-yellow colours. It is an extended pasture for goats and sheep and for the Skyrian small horse - a special miniature species, which is about one metre tall and has no relation to the small pony of the Northern Europe.
  The Skyrian horse, which is a miniature horse, is of ancient origin. We find it carved in the Panathenaea procession and in skeletons discovered in the excavations in Vergina and Marathon. Just like the English Shetland horse, this miniature Skyrian horse is a sight worth seeing by itself.
This text (extract) is cited July 2003 from the Municipality of Skyros tourist pamphlet.

"Skyrian variegated stone"

  When the Roman epmire was at its height, historical sources tell us that the "Skyrian variegated stone", a coloured marble, for which the island was famous, was shipped from Skyros to embellish public and private buildings.
This text (extract) is cited July 2003 from the Municipality of Skyros tourist pamphlet (1992, 2nd ed. 1996).

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