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At the surroundings of the community of Nipsa, which is located 20-km northeast of Alexandroupoli, recently a number of prehistoric megalithic monuments from the early Iron Age were discovered.
This area is part of a Thracian tribe named Kekones this tribe was known even to Homer and Herodutus.
Not far away to the northwest of the village an Acropolis (citadel) was found with ceramics from the 9th- 8th century BC this Acropolis was controlling the paths of Rodopis in-land. A carved tomb was also found at the northwestern part of the yard. At the position, which is to the west of Nipsa and is called 'Dremos' carved solar symbols, three level altar, a holly sacrificial rock and many carved cavities that present stellar formations were found.
Around of the villages’ area to the northwest, you can see geometric and anthropomorphic designs carved on rocks. All the megalithic monuments are to found in the wooded area around the village and according to the opinion of the scientist the place used to by a 'holly forest'. According to Homer the oracle of the Kekones, Maronas lived in this forest.

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