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Acropolis (2)
Ancient sanctuary (1)
Archaeological site (5)
Area of exceptional beauty (1)
Armycamp (1)
Border control point (1)
Byzantine settlement (1)
Castle (7)
Cathedral house (1)
Cave (3)
City quarter (4)
Community (1)
Community administration center (1)
Dam (2)
Deserted settlement (2)
Forest (4)
Historic place (1)
Ideal for paragliding (1)
Ideal for rafting (1)
Lake (4)
Listed traditional settlement (2)
Mountain (5)
Mountaintop (1)
Municipal department center (1)
Municipal district (27)
Municipality (8)
Neolithic finds (2)
Prefecture (1)
Prefecture capital (1)
Prehistoric settlement (1)
Province (1)
Province capital (1)
Recognized spa area (1)
River (1)
Settlement (50)
Ski centre (1)
Small town (16)
Small tributary (1)
Spa (1)
Spring (1)
Town (1)
Town hall (8)
Tributary (1)
Village (60)
Visitable cave (1)
Waterfall (1)
Wetland (6)

Airport closed
Ancient bridge
Ancient city
Ancient country
Ancient demos
Ancient monuments
Ancient port
Ancient small town
Ancient tribe
Archbishop house
Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection
Blue Flag 2002
Blue Flag 2006
Blue Flag 2007
Blue Flag 2008
Blue Flag 2009
Blue Flag 2010
Blue Flag 2011
Blue Flag 2012
Blue Flag 2013
Blue Flag 2014
Blue Flag 2015
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Blue Flag 2018
Blue Flag 2019
Civil airport
Communities of Hellenes
Country capital
Domestic airport
General aviation airport
Homer's Catalogue of Ships - Hellenes
Homer's Catalogue of Ships - Trojans & allies
Homeric city
Homeric island
Homeric land
Homeric location
Homeric mountain
Homeric name
Homeric river
Homeric sea
Ideal for climbing
Ideal for hiking
Ideal for Horseback riding
Ideal for mountain biking
Ideal for trekking
International airport
Island complex
Islands to visit
Isolated island
Military airport
Modern monuments
Monastic Community
Municipal unit
Nesting habitat of sea turtles Caretta Caretta
Old port
Open sea (pelagos)
Places to visit
Prefectural district
Prefectural seat
Private airport
Private island
Province seat
Regional seat
Rocky island
Seven greater rivers of Greece
Small island
Small port
Suburb of Athens
Suburb of Piraeus
Suburb of Thessaloniki
The 5 five great Greek oracles
Underwater archaeological site
UNESCO - World Heritage List
Ferry Departures

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