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  Almyropotamos is the most notherly village of the Municipality of Styra, located close to the border with the Municipality of Dystos in an area of great interest. It has 500 residents and is set in a rocky hillside in front of the valley which spreads out from the Dipotamo river.
  The coastal hamlet of Panagia belongs administratively to Almyropotamos, as does the islet of Kavalliani. Many commentators identify Kavalliani as the ancient Glaukonissos, in the soil of which the Olympic winner Glaukos, son of Dimilos, was buried by his fellow Karystians.
  The palaeontological survey in the valley of Almyropotamos has uncovered many important finds which belong to mammals of the so-called Picermius fauna. These are mainly the remains of small-bodied horses which were no higher than 1.30 metres tall and had three toes on each foot. According to specialists, Picermius fauna belongs to a steppe environment and has an Asian origin; it is dated to around 13 million years ago.
This text is cited May 2003 from the Municipality of Styra tourist pamphlet.


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Geographical Data

Type of location: Port, Bay, Municipal district, Palaeolithic finds
Postal Code: 34015
Tel +30 22230
Altitude: 58 meters
Longitude: 24o 11' 19.52" E
Latitude: 38o 16' 17.2" N

Population Census

Year Population
1991 188
1981 371
Located at the seaside of:
52.0 Kilometers South-southeast (SSE) the provincial capital KARYSTOS Town, EVIA , GREECE
74.0 Kilometers Northwest (NW) the prefectural capital CHALKIDA Town, EVIA , GREECE
20.0 Kilometers South (S) the municipality seat STYRA Village, EVIA , GREECE
52.0 Kilometers North (N) the municipality seat KYMI Port, EVIA , GREECE
30.0 Kilometers North-northwest (NNW) the municipality seat ALIVERI Small town, EVIA , GREECE

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