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Geographical Data

Type of location: Port, Beach, Beaches under Ministry of Environment Inspection, Town hall, Prefecture capital, Province capital, Cathedral house
Tel +30 24210
Altitude: 15 meters
Longitude: 22o 56' 25" E
Latitude: 39o 21' 43" N

Ferry lines that operate to the port

Shipping Companies Agents
Aegean Flying Dolphins (FD) Kapsiotis Dimitrios Shipping Agency
(Shipping Agent)
Tel: +30 24210 76003
ANES Ferries (H.Q.) (SY) ferrytraveller.gr - Volos
(Travel Agent)
Tel: +30 24211 03000
Fax: +30 24211 11011
Hellenic Seaways (H.Q.) (MF) Sporades Shipping & Travel Agency
(Travel Agent)
Tel: +30 24210 35846, 26140
Fax: +30 24210 20404

Useful Information (11)

 Port Authority
Central Port Authority of Volos
Tel: +30 24210 28888, 33840, 76720Fax: +30 24210 20115
 Tourist police
Tourist Police Department of Volos
Tel: +30 24210 39057, 39065
 Port Authority
Volos Port Authority S.A.
Tel: +30 24210 32975Fax: +30 24210 31115
Magnessia Police Headquarters
Tel: +30 24210 72400-4, 72409Fax: +30 24210 39957
Police Department of Perifereia Volos
Tel: +30 24210 72419
Police Department of Volos
Tel: +30 24210 72411, 72412

Tel: +30 24210 52222
 Port information
Volos Port
Ministry of Merchant Marine WebPage
http://www.yen.gr/ports/Html_Files/m_293.asp GreekCapt. Yorgos Ioannides WebPage
http://www.navis.gr/portsgrc/volos.htm EnglishMinistry of Merchant Marine WebPage
http://egov.yen.gr/Folder.2003-07-23.3654/Folder.2... Greek
 Port agents
VIS Travel
Tel: +30 24210 31059-60Fax: +30 24210 34835
Kapsiotis Dimitrios Shipping Agency
Tel: +30 24210 76003
ferrytraveller.gr - Volos
Tel: +30 24211 03000Fax: +30 24211 11011

Local governments (2)

Regional Division of Magnesia
Tel: +30 24210 75555
Volos Municipality
Tel: +30 24213 50100Fax: +30 24213 50175

Selected tourism enterprises (6)

 Travel agencies
Magnesia Travel
Tel: +30 24210 25555Fax: +30 24210 27009
Danae Travel Bureau
Tel: +30 210 3247512Fax: +30 210 3221717
Aegli Hotel 3 Stars
Tel: +30 24210 24471Fax: +30 24210 33006
Aegli Hotel is the historic hotel of the town of Volos. Built in the 20th century beginning it's located at the city center, by the seaside and constitutes a timeless accommodation choice at Volos.

Aegli is located at the most privileged spot in town, with a fantastic view on Volos port. With special care for details and aesthetics in all hotel areas, it guarantees an unforgettable stay in a friendly, modern and luxurious environment.

Start your day with breakfast at the American type buffet or drink a coffee just a breath away from the Pagassitikos gulf.

Our multilingual and well trained staff is always at your disposal in order to serve you in the best way.
Alexandros Hotel 3 Stars
Tel: +30 24210 31221-3Fax: +30 24210 31224
Electra Hotel 3 Stars
Tel: +30 24210 32671-2Fax: +30 24210 31224, 32674
Domotel Xenia Volos 5 Stars
Tel: +30 24210 92700Fax: +30 24210 92800
The Leader hotel in Volos awarded as one of the best hotels in Volos. Domotel Xenia Volos hotel is located in Pelion, according to the Greek mythology was the summer residence of Gods and the Centaurs’ homeland. At the foot of Mt Pelion, in the cove of Pagasitikos Gulf Domotel Xenia Volos hotel in Volos has created in the last years its own..myth providing hospitality services for a.. divine accommodation.

With absolute respect to the cultural heritage of Xenia buildings that had been some of the most brilliant examples of Greek architecture in the 20th century, the hotel build in the 60’s is characteristic of the postwar modernism in Volos. It has been fully renovated , the services have been updated and the hotel has been transformed into a modern 5-star city and conventions resort for a relaxing Volos accommodation.

It is not by chance that since June 2006 when Domotel Xenia Volos started to operate gained immediately a leading position in its category in the broader area.

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