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Museum of the Monastery of Preveli

Last Update: Jan 2011
Tel.: +30 28320 41444, 31246

Museum of the Monastery of Preveli - Overview

  The museum of the Preveli Monastery houses an important collection of its heirlooms preserved today, including icons dated from the 17th century, gold - embroidered vestments, ecclesiastical liturgical vessels and other relics of the 18th and 19th centuries. The monastery also maintains a significant library, listing approximately 1000 volumes.
  The most important exhibits of the Museum are:
- Sacerdotal Vestments, early 18th century.
- The Eulogistic Cross of Efraim Prevelis, second half of the 18th century.
- Sigillium on a parchment declaring the monastery as stauropegion, 1798.
- Silver bound Evangile, 1807.
- The rood-screen in the aisle of Saint John Theologian, 1840.
- Gold - plated chalice with cover, 1847.

Museum of the Monastery of Preveli - Map

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  • Information office, Tel.: 28310 58842, 28310 23653, Fax: 28310 58843, Email:  
    28th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, 214 Arkadiou Street, Rethymno

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