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Museum of Epirus' Folk Art "Kostas Frontzos"

Last Update: Jun 2010
Museum, Monuments of Modern Greece IOANNINA , EPIRUS , GREECE
(Est. 1986)
42, Michael Angelou & Dosiou Streets, 45333 IOANNINA , EPIRUS , GREECE
Tel.: +30 26510 20515
Opening hours:
02Jan - 31Dec Mon-Fri, 0900-1400
02Jan - 31Dec Mon, 1730-2000
02Jan - 31Dec Wed, 1730-2000
02Jan - 31Dec Sat-Sun, 1000-1530

Museum of Epirus' Folk Art "Kostas Frontzos" - Overview

  The museum stretches today on a total area of 600 square meters of the more recent three-storied traditional building with stone walls and a symmetric formation on the openings of its facets, and on some additional 250 square meters of the newly built basement.
  It was built some time between 1800 and 1808 and belonged to the Arife women or Raze and Safie, Ahmet Mousli's widow and daugther respectively. Prior to the liberation it was housing a Turkish elementary school and later on until 1935 it was hosting the College of Education of Ioannina. Up to 1938 and also during the 1940-1944 war, the Pedagogic Academy was also housed there but in the post-war years it served as a Boys' High School and a Technical Training Center for Foremen.
  In 1976, the state sold it to the Society for Epirotic Studies (SES) that remodeled its interior to house the "Kostas Frontzos" Museum of Epirus' Folk Art. The quality and the quantity of the collection of the museum's exhibits is unique for the region of Epirus and is considered as one of the most significant and equal in value to other relevant collections. The SES building has now been completely restored.

Museum of Epirus' Folk Art "Kostas Frontzos" - Map

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