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Crypt of Agios Demetrius

Last Update: Nov 2013
Museum, Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Monuments, Cultural heritage THESSALONIKI , MAKEDONIA CENTRAL , GREECE
97, Agiou Demetriou Street 54633 THESSALONIKI , MAKEDONIA CENTRAL , GREECE
Tel.: +30 2310 270591 , Fax: +30 2310 270591
Opening hours:
01Nov - 31Mar Sun, 1000-1415
01Nov - 31Mar Mon, 1000-1745
01Nov - 31Mar Tue-Thu, 0800-1745
01Nov - 31Mar Fri, 0800-2200
01Nov - 31Mar Sat, 0800-1415

Crypt of Agios Demetrius - Photo Gallery

Crypt of Agios Demetrius - Overview

  The crypt of Aghios Demetrios has been an archaeological site since its discovery in 1918. After 1950, some of the sculptures that survived the great fire of 1917, were transfered by S. Pelekanides in the area of the fountain in an effort to remodel the whole place. In the years 1985-1988, excavations were conducted in the north part of the Crypt, and its remains were restored. An exhibition was organized, including the excavation finds as well as the antiquities that were rescued from the catastrophic fire.
  The museum contains early Christian sculptures of the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries found in the church, Byzantine sculpture from the church, dated to the 11th-14th centuries, and various excavation finds (coins, pottery), dated to the 5th-14th centuries.

  The most important exhibits of the museum are:
- The fountain of the holy water and holy oil, which is connected with the cult of Saint Demetrios. Three phases are distinguished, dated to the 4th, 6th and 12-13th centuries, respectively.
- The reconstructed ambo (pulpit) of the church, dated to the 6th century. In the 7th century it was built in the wall where it is still exhibited.
- Two small early Christian pillars from the sanctuary. Dated to the 5th century AD.
- Fragments of the decorative elements of a burial monument. Dated to the 14th century.
- Architectural sculptures (columns, parapets etc.), belonging to the first architectural phase of the church. Dated to the 5th century AD.
- Mosaic votive inscription. It was part of the decoration of the church that was destroyed by the fire in 1917.
- Fragments of icons of the Holy Virgin. They were part of the relief decoration of the church, dated to the 11th and 12th centuries.
- Fragments from the altar ciborium. Dated to the 13th century AD.
- Fragments of middle Byzantine sarcophagi.
- Corinthianizing capitals from the first architectural phase of the church.

Crypt of Agios Demetrius - Map

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