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Archaeological Site of Elateia

Last Update: Nov 2013
Archaeological site ELATIA , FTHIOTIDA , GREECE
Tel.: +30 22340 29168, 29992

Archaeological Site of Elateia - Overview

   Acropolis of ancient Elateia and Mycenaen cemetery of chamber tombs on its west slopes (used between 14th century BC and Protogeometric period; acme after 1200 BC). The archaeological evidence provided by the excavation of the cemetery attests the expansion of Mycenaean civilization in the periphery and its survival after the decline of the great Mycenaean centers.
   The excavation started as a rescue operation because of the intensive clandestine activity in the area (campaigns 1985, 1987). Due to the exceptional importance of the finds the dig continued as a joint project undertaken by the 14th Ephorate for Antiquities and the Austrian University of Salzburg.
   Most of the tombs have been buried after their excavation by decision of the Ministry of Culture. Ten of the best preserved have been roofed and can be visited.

Temple of Athena Kranaia
  Remains of Doric peripteral temple, orientated north-south; dimensions: 27,5x11m. A polygonal enclosure to the south of the temple. Clay figurines representing goddesses and inscriptions found during the excavation support the identification of the building with the temple of Athena Kranaia.
  The sanctuary was excavated by the French Archaeological School in 1886.

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  • Archaeological service:, Tel.: 22310 29992, 22310 46106, Fax: 22310 46106
    14th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Lamia

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