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Acropoleis of Larymna

Last Update: Oct 2017
Archaeological site LARYMNA , LOKRIDA , GREECE

Acropoleis of Larymna - Overview

   Citadel of Larymna. It circles the North-East promontory of the ancient harbour. The walling is mostly in isodomic style whereas at one point it is in polygonal style. At least eight square towers can be identified along the circuit. At the eastern part of the promontory it is preserved at a height of three m. Hellenistic period.
   Citadel at Pazaraki, 2,5 km from Larymna poorly preserved. The name of the ancient town is not securely identified. As possible candidates have been proposed the towns Ankhoe and Upper Larymna.
   Traces of ancient road. Part of it is preserved well at the foot of Pazaraki hill. It connected the Boeotian plain with Larymna.

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Acropolis • Hellenistic period, 323-31 BC

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